Little Sunshines

Little Sunshines Blue Light Blocking Glasses are made with TR90 and premium silicone, making the frames and temples very flexible, lightweight, and comfortable to wear for your children.

  • Certified Blue Light Blocking Glasses, especially designed to take care of children’s eyes, with 7 layers of Blue Light Filter that protect  kids from the High Energy Blue Light emitted by digital devices like computers, TV and smartphones.
  • Premium Material: Lenses are made of Polycarbonate, that make your blockers scratch and impact resistant, while offering Superior anti-glare protection. Frames and temples have been carefully engineered with TR90 and silicone, which is incredibly flexible and durable.
  • FDA and CE Approved: All our items have been designed and developed in Arizona, going through all the certifications and guarantees required, to give your kids the protection and care they deserve.
  • Clear Lenses: Unlike other glasses in the market with heavily tinted lenses, your LITTLE SUNSHINES offer low color distortion, giving eye comfort, while protecting eye sensitivity with the highest quality materials. 
  • Includes: 1 pair of Anti Blue Light Blockers, 1 microfiber pouch and 1 cloth
  • Bonus Gift: Blue light filter test