Our Story

Miss Sunshine & Co. is a woman owned, veteran family business based in Arizona.

Our community was created with the vision of empowering change, helping the ones in need around the world.

Miss Sunshine & Co. is proud to offer curated home decor pieces, high-end quality eyewear and handcrafted toys, using the best materials in the market.

We are inspired by Love, Compassion and Gratitude.

>> Join us in our movement and let's shine together! <<

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Empowering Change While Giving Back

At Miss Sunshine & Co. we spread the message of self-confidence, empowering one another and helping the ones in need with the resources available to move forward with their lives, feeling better, stronger and happier.

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Women History Month
March 31, 2020

Women History Month

As a closure of Women History month, we wanted to introduce our favorite blogger, Veronica Pederson to all of you, enjoy!

Hi girls!!

My name is Veronica Pederson and i’m super excited to be working with Miss Sunshine! I grew up in Seattle, Washington to a mixed family ( indian and american) and when my parents divorced, I moved to Arizona with my mother and sister.

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Blue Light Blocking Glasses, How Do They Work?
September 02, 2019

Blue Light Blocking Glasses, How Do They Work?

Are you suffering from dry eyes, headaches or can't fall asleep easily? We are exposed to blue light, from different sources, the sun, LED lighting, TV's screen, computers, smartphones, etc. Blue light has a key role at day time, when we need to be alert, but too much exposure, or receiving it at night can alter our circadian rhythm and worse headache symptoms.

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Mackenzie Puricelli - Online Health Coach (@MBPFITNESSS)
June 26, 2019

Mackenzie Puricelli - Online Health Coach (@MBPFITNESSS)

When I started my eyewear business as Miss Sunshine and was looking for amazing, empowered women to be brand ambassadors, I was incredibly happy to count on Mackenzie Puricelli, an instagram influencer with more than 100K followers that empower the beauty of our bodies and self acceptance, as well as a healthy relationship with food.

This is her story:

"Everyone’s journey may not be like mine, but that’s the beauty of our journey’s. They are unique, just like you and I.

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