Women History Month

Women History Month

March 31, 2020

As a closure of Women History month, we wanted to introduce our favorite blogger, Veronica Pederson to all of you, enjoy!

Hi girls!!

My name is Veronica Pederson and i’m super excited to be working with Miss Sunshine! I grew up in Seattle, Washington to a mixed family ( indian and american) and when my parents divorced, I moved to Arizona with my mother and sister.

I am currently studying to be a journalist with a minor in political science. I have some very strong opinions but I think it is because all my life I have always heard people’s comments, whether they are nice or not. People always seem to have an opinion over anything big or small, but they definitely have strong opinions on women. 

I lived in India for 6 months and can say first hand how women are expected to be in other cultures and how we can sometimes take our freedom to act and wear anything, for granted. Many men still expect women to be the housekeepers and dress in a very conservative way. I’m not saying one is wrong or right but women should definitely have the choice. Also in villages women are still killed, stoned, etc! I met someone who said that his father had a mistress and when the man refused to leave his wife, the mistress set herself on fire. These is just one explain of how women are brainwashed into believing if a man will not have them there life is over. We are conditioned to believe men complete us. 

Marriage is a big subject that has a large opinion as well. Parents want their kids married of as soon as possible and divorcing is not seen as remotely okay at all in Indian culture. This is not to say all Indian families are the same but India has a lot of evolving to do. 

I hope to finish school and live in India where I can shed light on the women’s injustice. 

As for the mission of Miss Sunshine, they are a perfect embodiment of women being powerful, fearless, and supportive! & that’s what we should all strive to be as women! We don’t need to live up to anyone’s standards but our own.

What better way to bring a community of strong women together, who are fighting for change, for equality, and for the rights of women as a whole. Miss Sunshine uses fashion as a driving force for activism and safe community through affordable eyewear and accessories that have benefits such as blue light blocking!

We can look good ( BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY FEEL GOOD) and fight for justice & well-being together!  We are more powerful together. 


Veronica Pederson

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