Blue Light Blocking Glasses, How Do They Work?

Blue Light Blocking Glasses, How Do They Work?

September 02, 2019

Are you suffering from dry eyes, headaches or can't fall asleep easily?

We are exposed to blue light, from different sources, the sun, LED lighting, TV's screen, computers, smartphones, etc. Blue light has a key role at day time, when we need to be alert, but too much exposure, or receiving it at night can alter our circadian rhythm and worse headache symptoms.

Miss Sunshine Blue Light Blocking Glasses, are certified, the lenses filter out 90% of harmful High Energy Blue Light rays (400nm - 430nm) while still letting through the less harmful portion of the blue light spectrum.

Our Blockers are made with premium polycarbonate temples and lenses, which are 10 times more impact-resistant than conventional materials used. This material also adds comfort to your blocking glasses, due to it's lightweight properties.

With 7 layers of blue light blocking film, you can work on your computer at night, chat with your friends on your smartphone or watch another chapter of your favorite show on Netflix and still be able to fall asleep easily, as the glare of all these devices won't affect in your retinas.

You can also wear them outdoors, because our blockers have 100% UV protection, and they are the perfect last touch for your outfit!

Every pair of Blockers comes with a blue light test kit so you can test the effectiveness of the blue light blocking glasses yourself. 

Grab yours, look awesome and protect your eyes. 

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