AZ Foundation for Women

AZ Foundation for Women

February 20, 2019

The Arizona Foundation for Women was founded in 1995 by community trailblazer and philanthropist Marilyn Seymann and a group of local women leaders in response to the low rate of philanthropic giving to women’s issues.

Historically only 4% of giving at the time was directed to women’s causes. The Foundation joined other women’s funds and foundations from across the nation and world to create a “women’s funding movement.” As part of that movement, the Foundation has contributed more than $2 million to the community since its inception.

The foundation addresses issues of Safety, Health, and Economic Empowerment.

- SAFETY. The safety of women is an essential part of our mission. Domestic violence and human trafficking have been an ongoing fight for the Arizona Foundation for Women. 

- HEALTH. A women’s physical, mental and spiritual well-being is another key element the Arizona Foundation for Women addresses. A woman’s health is an important ingredient in her ability to be successful.

- ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT. A woman’s economic power is vital to her success and the success of raising a family. 

    Arizona Foundation for Women is twenty years into our work and we are moving the needle and improving lives of women in Arizona. However, there is still much more work to do and we must ensure our work is sustainable as well.

    You can help ensure the success of Arizona women now and into the future. Be a part of a legacy of creating equal opportunities, sufficient resources, and a positive impact on family and community. Join the many others and Give for Her today!


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